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Welcome New Year with 123bingoonline

Bingo on B 1
123Bingo promising $10 in your account every month throughtout the year if you be lucky one who comes in first fifty depositor who either deposit to play Bingo first time or even spend more than $50 from 31 st Dec 2009 midnight 1200 to 1st January 2010 midnight. Check your name in 3 January Lucky players list

Party Time !
Have a party with 123 Bingo online, to open the bottle of wine or even rock on the floor .
In the Green Room play and collect special party pattens and with the five letters given below and get $250 every one to one Lucky player .


New Year's Resolution?
Send your new year resoultions here chatmanager@123bingoonline.com , whatever in your mind .....Like
"I will do my work on time.!"
"I will try to avoid liquior at working hours !"
Or Bla Bla Bla ....! just send it to us and get 10 BBs for each entry, while the three best New Year's resolutions will get 25 BBs each.

New Year $25 Bingo Sign Up Bonus
Lets register with 123 Bingo online this new year and get $25 free to play Free bingo Games. Also get 300% Bonus plus 150% Cash Back** All other deposits get a 250% bonus!!

Bonus Surplus
Whenever you make a deposit you will get 10% Bonus means
250% on your 2nd deposit
250% + 10% = 260% on your 3rd deposit
260% + 10% = 270% on your 4th deposit
Up to a maximum of 500%!

No Wagering wizard !
Make a deposit with no-bonus offer enjoy to withdraw cash anytime whenever you like.Slots and Keno lovers can make a deposit, receive 100% bonus and withdraw as they please.

VIP Depositors
Top three depositor , will be trated as VIP depositor and can be rewarded as special bonuses .
1st Place - 300% Bonus
2nd Place - 200% Bonus
3rd Place - 100% Bonus

Blue winter snow flaks became red hot on 123 Bingo room whenever you will win $37, 200 Jackpot which will be valid offer throughout this month!

My Number '1'
    In the Bingo number make 'Number 1' like the image on your Bingo     card and get assured Bingo Jackpot $200 each hours randomly in     Green Bingo Room . So Pre-buy Now!

January Jackpots
Wanna to enjoy winter with fireworks
Want to listen Tik-Tik or your Wall clock
Enjoying the warmth around the fireplace
Gonna to catch the white snowflakes fall on your roof
Just run on snow with your snowboard
Make a ski jumps around your house .
Or put all the things in your Shopping Cart

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