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canada day specials

Canada Day Celebrations

Lucky maple leaf: : Bingo on any of the 5 ‘lucky maple leaf’ numbers and win rewards ranging from 5 to 1 BBs.

C Connection: C pattern will get you $100, every hour on the Canada Day.

Canada Day Quiz: How much do you know Canada? There are 3BBs for each correct answer.

parent's day

Parent’s Day Exclusives

Bingo on I-26 and win yourself a cool 26BBs

Moms V/S Dads : This parent’s day bingo history will witness only-one-of-its-kind battle, the Battle of the sexes. While the winning team shares 250BBs, runners-up will get their hands on 150BBs.

summer time bingo games
Summer Time Bingo Harvest

Fill Bingo all Four CornerSunny summers The dazzling ‘sun’ shine brings you a perfect $100 pot daily. Bingo on B4 – July ‘4’ is the Independence Day and the lucky number all through this month. Every bingo win on B-4 will award you with 20BBs.
Independence Day bingo Tourney - $500 + 500 BBs up fore grabs in the ‘Most Bingo Wins' and 'Most card purchased’ categories.

Summer Special Patterns – put on your ‘hat’, relax under the ‘fan’, lick ‘ice-cream’ or sip ‘lemonade’, summer is all about chilling and having good time. Bingo on these summer special patterns from Monday to Friday. 200 BBs to garner most bingo wins on these patterns.

Lucky 7 – Hit most bingo wins on numbers ending in ‘7’. Win $7 Cash + 7 BBs.

chat games 123bingo

Promotion’s Pop-quiz – 15 random questions related to the current month’s promotion. It’s your chance to win upto 10BBs.

Hot!! Dog!! – Grill up some HOT BBs and gift it to your friends as well.

INdependence Day – Choose any two numbers from the ‘I’ and ‘N’ row. Shout when your numbers are out. The first two players to do so will share 14 BBs.

What’s more?

  • The EXCLUSIVE Week’s bingo bonus tourney awaits you with great CASH prizes!
  • $6666 + 3000 BBs Independence Day Raffle
  • Slots PJPs for $10000, $25,000 and $100,000
  • Bingo PJPs worth over $10,000


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