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Wow its amazing bingo gaimng on 123 Bingo online because now play free bingo to win huge jackpot of bingo.

June Jack : Play Bingo games regular on 123bingo online and get $60Cash + 350 BBs
Bingo Room having now full exciting 15 Bingo games and make you to entiles for June Bingo Mega draw for follwing prizes
  • 1st Prize: 200BBs + $30 Cash
  • 2nd Prize: 100BBs + $20 Cash
  • 3rd Prize: 50BBs + $10 Cash

Bingo NFS :

Gear up Bingo gaming fun with fast track bingo ride in 123 bingo room

Rooms Timings (EST)
GREEN(Quarters) 11 am - 12 noon
RED(Nickels) 3 pm - 4 pm
during this formula 1 Bingo race win lots of Cash proizes at the end of session.
  • 1st prize: $50 Cash
  • 2nd prize: $35 Cash
  • 3rd prize: $20 Cash
Not to worried about missing number just Turn on the autodaub - it will take care of your cards. Also get 5 extra free bingo cards on the purchase of 10 bingo cards.

Bingo Nostalgia

As like olden style bingo game called nostalgia just fill the all four corner and get $100 free cash prize.

Four Corners pattern will be played randomly once every hour from 5 pm. to 9 pm, in the Highroller Room.
Power Hours

123 Bingo online green (Quarters) room inviting all bingo lovers to play bingo in night "Power Hours" and enjoy Happy winning. (Timings: 9 pm to 12 midnight, everyday.)

Categories Prize
Maximum Games Won $20 + 50BBs
Maximum Cards Played $15 + 30BBs
Maximum Games Played $10 + 20BBs

Magic of 'Five'

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, share a high-five in the RED (Nickels) Room! Bingo on any number ending in ‘5’, most times a day and win yourself a cool $50 Cash prize.

Fair and Square Bingo gets even bigger!!

Every night at 8 pm, keep your date with us in the GREEN (Quarters) Room for a session of Blackout Bingo, where each player will be allotted 6 bingo cards - no more, no less - so that everyone gets an equal shot at winning! What's more, the card prices slash further to $2/card.Call bingo within the first 35 calls and get a mega $2000 cash prize. If no bingo is called, the first player to have a coverall will take home GUARANTEED $500 cash prize.

Father's Day Special of 123 Bingo Online

Bingo on I-21 Lets play bingo between 1 June to 21 june – in the honour of father and get 21 BBs free also claim father's day special prize of 123 bingo , just come to live chat with Game ID and get exciting prize.

Dad's Wining Trip -Get a free entry into Father's days special bingo raffle by playing bingo games just depositing $75 and get a chance to win $999.

  • 1st Prize: $444 ($150 Cash + 294BBs)
  • 2nd Prize: $333 ($100 Cash + 233BBs)
  • 3rd Prize: $222 ($50 Cash + 172 BBs)

D for Dad!

Father Days Special Bingo PatternOn Father's Day, take home $50 on a D pattern every half-an-hour! GUARANTEED!

Hop in right away! The pattern will play randomly twice every hour in the GREEN (Quarters) Room.

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