Holiday Time Is Here Again!

Posted by Catherine | Bingo Promotions,Online Bingo | Monday 22 December 2008 2:36 am

My most favorite time of the year is here yet again! Yes I’m talking about Christmas, which is also a time to go out for vacations and have some fun time. This magic season brings so many wonderful things with it. Streets bedecked with Christmas signs, stores playing Christmas music, tinseled trees, ringing bells and what not. Parents bring toys for their children, while people by gifts for their near and dear ones. I think Christmas is perhaps a byword for the term ‘Give’. Although we receive as much as we give, but nothing on earth could give you more pleasure than to see that twinkle in receivers’ eye, when they say, ‘How did you know I need this?’

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And if you know someone who loves bingo, what’s better than gifting her/him a party bingo set. I got one on last Christmas and it was simply awesome. This Christmas too, I’m planning to invite some old friends at home and play bingo all night. In fact I have been playing online bingo at

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virtual bingo of late, trust me they really have some cool Christmas bingo promotions running this month. Anyways, that’s enough of my plans for now, otherwise, I will end up writing a book on bingo. You tell me what are you up to, do post in your comments, I’ll be waiting, till then enjoy Christmas and keep playing bingo.

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Las Vegas Bingo

Posted by mavrick | American Bingo,Bingo Games,Online Bingo | Wednesday 17 December 2008 8:40 pm

Las Vegas is popular for many things and one of them is BINGO!

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Playing bingo in Las Vegas is like a dream come true for any hardcore bingo lover. Be it nightlife, clubs, casinos, bingo halls or bars, everything about Las Vegas is exotic and larger than life. With legalized gambling and many other entertainment options to explore, this sin city is also one of the biggest entertainment cities across globe and is rightly touted as The Entertainment Capital of the World.

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Playing bingo in Las Vegas is an altogether different experience. If you’ve ever played bingo before either online or in local charity halls, you would see that bingo as it’s played in Vegas differ considerably from the above two. Most casinos in Vegas use bingo as an attraction to draw in visitors. However, the staggered bingo gaming sessions leave players with ample idle time that they often exploit playing other side games like poker, keno, slots etc. Also, thanks to the fierce competition for bingo players, many casinos in Las Vegas offer guaranteed jackpots and prizes to tempt players. This means, even if the expected number of players does not partake in a session, prize money will still be paid. Thus, when in Vegas, don’t be surprised to fall in a situation where you’re playing with an advantage, especially during guaranteed prize money sessions.

While certain casinos in Las Vegas let you play bingo 24 hours a day, others stay open till midnight only. Besides this, there are various hotels and resorts that have their own private casinos and bingo halls, exclusively for their guests. If you happen to stay at any such hotel, you’ll receive a registered card which you can use to enjoy discounts on alcoholic beverages, food, stay, air tickets, and gambling of course.

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