Free Bingo Promotion Codes

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Free Bingo Promotion Codes are the bonus coupons offered by various online bingo sites in order to attract more players. Often, you may have seen sites asking for one of their promotion codes during registration, or while making a deposit. If you have one, simply feed it in the required field and enjoy your bonus money. But, for those who neither have one and nor do they know where to get them from, here is the answer – VirtualBingo!

If you’re looking for free bingo promotion codes, VirtualBingo is the place to be. Not only does this site offer best bingo promotion codes, but it also offers loads of free bingo money and reviews on all the top bingo operators online. For those still uninitiated, Bingo Promotion Codes are kind of online bingo vouchers, which you enter on a bingo site to gain free bingo money, or a bonus on your deposit.

In order to beat the competition a lot of bingo sites are using free bingo promotion codes as a tool to lure in more players. Playing with promotion codes is beneficial for both the players and bingo operations. While the former gets free money to play bingo, the later gets more business and traffic on the site.


Many bingo sites put up promotion codes directly on their site, while others may publish it in some women’s weekly or monthly magazine. While at certain sites may have to enter the code on the site in order to receive your bonus, on others it happens automatically.

Another way of getting bingo promotion codes are via email or ordinary mail that the different sites send you. The bingo promotion coupons that come through ordinary mail can be used by visiting the specified site and entering the code manually. Email promotion codes, on the other hand, are easy to use because generally you just have to click the link email is bearing.

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Most bingo promotion codes offer the hell of a deal, and in some cases these special offers can double your money too. So, if you find one consider yourself lucky!

Which bingo to play?

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Nowadays, there is a surge of free-to-play and pay-to-play bingo sites on the internet. With people increasingly using the internet to entertain themselves, a lot of gaming websites are coming up almost everyday to meet this ballooning demand.

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But as they say, with roses come the thorns. Similarly, with genuine sites come some fake and illegitimate bingo websites, which lure players into revealing their banking information and later on defraud them. So, how to differentiate a fake bingo site from an authentic one? How do you know which bingo site to play and which not?

For most players, especially beginners, finding a genuine bingo site is not an easy feat. Before playing online bingo, be sure you are on a trusted and reputed bingo site. There are many online bingo review sites, such as VirtualBingo, that provide you a lot of valuable information and a handy list of reputable bingo sites. Plus, you can read player’s testimonials or experiences on online bingo forums.

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Once you have decided which bingo site you want to play on, the next thing you have to decide is whether you want to play free bingo or money bingo. While most online bingo sites offer both free and real money bingo, some sites purely concentrates on real money bingo. In order to play bingo, you must register yourself with an online bingo site. The registration is usually free, and most sites also give a free welcome bingo bonus to players. On some sites you can play bingo for free and win real money. On others you may have to make a deposit before you could play any real money games. No matter which bingo type you choose to play, bingo is always fun. Moreover, with more and more players flocking to online bingo, many bingo rooms are introducing several casino games like slots, keno, etc. to offer variety to players.

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