123BingoOnline Father’s Day Raffle Winners

Posted by admin | Online Bingo | Wednesday 24 June 2009 3:14 am

Who doesn’t love raffles? And especially when the raffles are associated with any special occasion, the excitement increases several times.

123 Bingo online

On the occasion of father’s day, this month 123Bingo online organized a fantastic father’s day raffle for all the daddies to partake in.

Ever since the raffle was announced on 123BingoOnline, everyone held their breath for the final results to be announced. After all it was $999 at stake.

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And now when finally, the result of this much awaited online bingo raffle are out, there is no restrain on the winners’ happiness. The names of three lucky dads, who are jubilating, are as follows:

Dads Can’t Lose!

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Prize won

Account ID

1st Place


$444 ($150 Cash + 294BBs)


2nd Place


$333 ($100 Cash + 233BBs)


3rd Place


$222 ($50 Cash + 172 BBs)


Last month, this raffle was exclusively held for moms dearest on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

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Difference between Bingo Gaming and Betting

Posted by admin | Bingo Games,Online Bingo | Tuesday 2 June 2009 1:13 am

Bingo is a game often associated with old ladies, church’s fund raising, charity events and of course, socializing. Many people see bingo as a form of betting and a means of making some extra cash. But is it really true? Is bingo a type of gambling? We’re still not sure.

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Bingo, unlike most casino games, started off as a small game, rather pastime, played in churches to raise funds for some noble cause. As compared to the flashy casinos at Las Vegas, where gamblers put money on games in anticipation to double their cash, bingo games were generally played in a very sober setup, including homes.

In 1939, when Connecticut General legalized bingo officially, people were authorized to play bingo. At that point, the very first bingo site with lighter betting games was launched. The site aimed at offering bingo games for fun and didn’t want people to become problem gamblers. Bingo is hooking, no doubt. But if played within the set limits and respects, it may not be as addictive as casino games.

Bingo is not just limited to winnings and raising money, but it also offers some clean, good fun to players. A lot of people, if not all, like to play online bingo for its social aspect. The chat room facility of online bingo sites is being used by players to interact with people from all over the world. Besides, the chat games and the overall camaraderie add even more excitement to the game.

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As bingo grows in popularity, you can now find a lot of websites to play bingo online. These sites offer fantastic cash rewards along with some fresh variations of bingo. So, has bingo become a form of betting now? If we go by the technical definition then bingo, like lottery, is a ‘soft’ form of betting. Now the next question that arises is – Does online bingo websites encourage gambling addiction?

Any form of online game, and not just bingo or casino, becomes addictive when played all the time. According to recent survey, a lot of players become hooked to online games because of the pleasure it gives. Moreover, online bingo is convenient. Players can play bingo anywhere, anytime they want. All they need is a computer with internet connection and they are good to go. Technology has turned online gaming into a world that never sleeps. And as with every technology, there are both good and bad aspects to online gambling, but its up to a player which side he selects.

Try to maintain healthy gaming habits, no matter how much you feel hooked to the game.

Remember to:
1. Play for fun and not for the money.
2. Set a limit on how much you will gamble and follow it strictly.
3. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t hesitate to quit the game.
4. Don’t repent for the games you’ve lost.
5. Don’t let the game overpower you. Think of your responsibilities first.

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Playing bingo online doesn’t amount to gambling as such. Bingo can be played for a variety of reasons other than just money – such as fun, socializing, charity, fundraising etc. Given that the players set their limits and follow them religiously, they could enjoy bingo without falling into any addiction, whatsoever. Bingo was devised to facilitate good interaction among people in the neighborhood, who could meet and spend some fun time together. While playing bingo, whether online of offline, just remember to enjoy it!