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Posted by mavrick | Online Bingo | Thursday 23 July 2009 9:55 pm

Bingo chat games are a fantastic way to keep the thrill alive during the general monotony of the bingo games.

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Apart from the fun factor, chat games offer a great opportunity to interact with your fellow roomies, and meanwhile making some extra bucks too. It adds extra spice to the game and makes online  bingo gaming all the more fun.

By playing online bingo chat games, you can make some easy BBs, along with the regular prize pots. This month 123BingoOnline is doling out loads of BBs through its chat games. So when playing in the chat rooms watch out for these special chat games to be announced and fill your pockets with lots of BBs. This month’s chat games include Promotions Pop-quiz, Hot Dog and Independence Day.

Promotions Pop Quiz is a unique concept that largely revolves around the current month’s promotion. The main objective of the game is to raise players’ awareness about the latest offers and promotions on the site. Players will be asked a few random questions about the promotions, like ‘what’s the prize amount for independence day raffle?’ or ‘Who won the VIP depositor’s promo last month?’ and so on. Whosoever answers the maximum questions correct gets 10 BBs.

Hot!! Dog!! on the other hand, is a fun chat game where players can win BBs for themselves and for one friend of their choice. All they have to do is, pick a number between 1 and 75, and shout ‘hotdog’ in chat once their number is out. The first two chatters to do so will get an opportunity to win 5BBs and gift the same to one of their friends.

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Another fun chat game you can play this month is Happy Independence Day, which is totally soaked in the spirit of freedom. Players have to choose one number each from I and N rows respectively. When both your numbers are out, shout Independence Day in chat followed by your numbers. The first two players to do so will get to share 14 BBs.

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With all these exciting chat games on offer, 123BingoOnline promises a fun filled experience to roomies all this month. So, make the most of it now, the month is about to end.

The X factor to Multiple Winnings

Posted by Catherine | Online Bingo | Thursday 23 July 2009 1:06 am

Those who regularly play at 123Bingo Online know that the site offers something new to players every month. It brings fresh bingo games and promos for players, month on month. Be it Easter, Christmas, Independence Day, or any other occasion, the site never fails to come up with innovative bingo games on every theme.

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Bingo X factor is one such latest addition to 123Bingo Online’s vast array of games for the month of August. Although the promotions on site aren’t up yet, but here we are as we promised to bring you the latest news and happenings in the bingo world.

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To be played every Friday, Saturday and Sunday all through the august, this game promises to offer an unparalleled experience to bingo lovers across the world. All you have to do is bingo on X pattern in the HighRoller Room and watch your prize pot grow. The last digit of the number you bingo on will determine your actual win. Simply multiply the last digit of your winning number with a fixed multiplier of $10 and find out your winnings.

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And the revelry doesn’t end here…if you collect the maximum number of x patterns by the month end, you will get an assured $200 cash prize.

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