Different Type Of Bingo Players

Posted by admin | Online Bingo | Wednesday 28 October 2009 9:29 am

As they say every individual is cast in a unique mould, and bingo players are no exception.

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Each bingo player is different! One can’t really tell if it’s the player who makes the game or the game that makes the player. Each bingo player carries a certain attitude and style, which in turn determines how the game is played. Likewise, bingo game has its own pros and cons, which determines the attitude of a player.

Different Hues of Bingo

Posted by admin | Online Bingo | Wednesday 14 October 2009 1:36 am

There is something irresistible about bingo! But we can’t really pin point one single reason that makes bingo so immensely popular across the world.

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Where some people like 75 ball bingo because of its speed and large variety of patterns, others adore 90 ball bingo for its easiness. The Americans call it ‘Bingo’, players in UK and Australia play ‘Housie’, while the Asians know it as ‘Tambola’.

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