Catch the New year’s Bash at Winter Wonderland!

Posted by mavrick | Bingo Promotions | Thursday 31 December 2009 1:50 am

With new year just around the corner and winter in full swing, its time to treat yourself to some sizzling bingo treats. And when it comes to the best of bingo, 123BingoOnline is hard to beat!

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Kick start your New Year celebrations with a bang! Enjoy some exquisite New Year bingo promotions this coming year at 123Bingo Online’s Winter Wonderland, and win yourself wads of cash and BBs.

Here’s a sneak preview of what joys they have in store for you this coming year:

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Winter’s Windfalls

Folks, what better way to celebrate the beginning of another decade than a windfall of prizes & cash? Play bingo with 123Bingo Online and make this winter a winter to remember…..the windfall is on all this month.

First, there is $200 Cash prize to bingo on Number 1 pattern, every hour, from noon till midnight in the Green Room. The you can play and grab your Share of $1900 and 800 BBs in January Jackpots. Play these patterns every week – fireworks, clock, fireplace, snowflake, snowboard, ski jump and shopping cart. While there’s $50 on each of these patterns, one lucky player to collect 7 identical pattern in a week will get 200 BBs. What’s more, at the month end, 9 lucky players will share the $1900 booty.

And of course, no winter is complete without building a snowman. Collect as many snowman parts as you can and win up to 40 BBs. Play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Ruby Bingo Room between 8 pm to 10 pm.

New year Novelties

Embark on the New Year with loads of cheer and BBs. Bingo On B1 and win yourself a super-cool 20 BBs. Plus, the first 50 depositors to deposit $50 or more on New Year’s Day will be rewarded $10 every month for an year.

New year means time for party and at 123bingoonline every day is a party. In favors they are giving away 250 BBs to one lucky player every week. And have you made your resolution for the coming year yet? Whatever you plan to do this year, 123Bingo Online is giving away 25 BBs to the three most interesting resolutions this year. So, just go ahead, scribble them down and mail it to

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Mega New Year Raffle

Ring the new year with shot at $12000 Cash prize!! That’s right, a deposit of $100 will fetch you a straight entry in the $12000 mega new year raffle. The more you deposit the more entries you gain. On January 31, the first 2000 entries will go in for a lucky draw, where 3 lucky players will receive their share as follows:

1st Place – $5000 CASH
2nd Place – $4000 CASH
3rd Place – $3000 CASH

Plus, there are exciting chat games, casino promotions, bingo blockbusters and of course the tourney games to make sure you never run out of prizes this month.

Bingo Misspells

Posted by mavrick | Online Bingo | Tuesday 29 December 2009 12:32 am

Many times, when we are in hurry, we may make a spelling mistake while searching for a specific thing online.

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For example, if you’re looking for 123bingoonline, you may type 123 bingo, or www.123bingo, and so on. In today’s world when teachers are using bingo as an educational tool, especially to help children practice spellings, its surprising to see that even most seasoned of the online bingo players make spelling mistakes while searching bingo phrases online.

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Given below is the list of some most commonly misspelled bingo search terms and phrases:

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  • bingo – bongo, bingos, bing, bingoo, bigno
  • dabber – dauber, daber
  • blackout – blackot, balckout, black out
  • play bingo – paly bingo, lpay bingo
  • online bingo – onilne bigno, on line bingo
  • promotions – promoitions, prmotions, promtions
  • tambola – tamboal, tamnola
  • housie – housey, husey, husie, house
  • tourney – tuorney, torney
  • sign up bonus – soing up bonus, sing up bonus
  • chat games – chta games, chat gamer
  • bingo friends – bingo frends, bingo freinds
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