Bingo Naughty Beachy Offers by 123Bingo Online

Posted by mavrick | Online Bingo | Tuesday 8 June 2010 1:32 am

Take a plunge into the bingo ocean and beat the sweltering summer heat with cool BBs and Cash Prizes at 123 Bingo Online.

“Get Beachy!” so goes the punchline at 123BingoOnline’s promotion’s page, which is indeed submerged in some really cool online bingo games all this month. Collect the seashells littered across the Green Room’s shore and win a guaranteed $150 pot for each sea shell pattern you bingo on. Plus, bingo on seashell pattern within a predetermined number of calls for you chance to win up to 100 BBs.

Bingo offers by 123 bingo online

And a beach trip would not be complete without building a sand castle. So, make a few at the 90 ball ruby room and get them exchanged for some stupendous BBs. One lucky player to make maximum castles will get 50 BBs in reward.

And between these engaging bingo sessions don’t forget to visit the chat room where high and low bingo tides are making rounds one after another.

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All you have to do is predict either of the high tide or low tide numbers and submit it to your chat host, before the game begins. This number will be regarded as your tide number for the two hours of bingo tides game. Winning this game is easy. If the first number called is either a high tide or low tide and your prediction turns out accurate, the chat host will give you 4 BBs and a moon/sun smiley depending on your prediction. As the session comes to a close, the roomie to collect 10 suns and 10 moons get 50 BBs.

Now that’s what you call the most refreshing summer dip ever! And if you too think alike, head straight to 123BingoOnline and become a part of the biggest bingo beach party on the web!

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