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Bingo Bonus Bucks, also known as BBs, are the extra points awarded to players, generally on registration, winning chat games, referring friends or participating in various other promotions running on the site.

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These points are not redeemable for cash, but can be used to play bingo games and win. Bingo sites award BBs in a number of ways. While some sites credit BBs into players’ account right during the registration, or on making a deposit, others give it when players win any on-site contest or competition.

Like with all free money, usage of bingo bucks is also governed certain rules and limitations, which varies from site to site. Many bingo sites allow you to use bingo bucks to purchase cards, play and even win, but you cannot cash out any winnings arising from it.

When you join a bingo website, you may want to give it a try before making any deposit. Bingo bucks allows you to play bingo without risking your own cash. Besides, bingo bucks are a great motivation to players playing chat games. The prospect of earning free cash in between the bingo sessions keep players hooked for longer durations.

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Another alternate for bingo bucks are free bingo cards, which a lot of sites offer as no deposit bonus to players. Other sites may also give you some credits on other games. Usually, websites give you bonus bucks to spend on bingo games only, however, there are certain sites that may allow you to use your bingo bucks to play other games like slots, video poker etc. But as other games exhaust the credit much quicker than bingo games, it’s advisable not to waste your BBs on such games.

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