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Posted by mavrick | Online Bingo | Tuesday 29 December 2009 12:32 am

Many times, when we are in hurry, we may make a spelling mistake while searching for a specific thing online.

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For example, if you’re looking for 123bingoonline, you may type 123 bingo, or www.123bingo, and so on. In today’s world when teachers are using bingo as an educational tool, especially to help children practice spellings, its surprising to see that even most seasoned of the online bingo players make spelling mistakes while searching bingo phrases online.

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Given below is the list of some most commonly misspelled bingo search terms and phrases:

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  • bingo – bongo, bingos, bing, bingoo, bigno
  • dabber – dauber, daber
  • blackout – blackot, balckout, black out
  • play bingo – paly bingo, lpay bingo
  • online bingo – onilne bigno, on line bingo
  • promotions – promoitions, prmotions, promtions
  • tambola – tamboal, tamnola
  • housie – housey, husey, husie, house
  • tourney – tuorney, torney
  • sign up bonus – soing up bonus, sing up bonus
  • chat games – chta games, chat gamer
  • bingo friends – bingo frends, bingo freinds

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