Calling a False Bingo

Posted by mavrick | Bingo Games | Wednesday 27 January 2010 3:12 am

A plumber has been detained and is serving 5 days imprisonment for being addicted to coconut candies. The man has got a severe sweet tooth and can’t do without munching on those candies 5-6 times a day.Play with 123bingo

“They keep saying it was an ounce and a half of crack cocaine” said the plumber. “I’m like what are you saying? It’s only a coconut candy!!”

The unbelievable incident took place last weekend when some policemen spotted him coming out of a corner store on Arthur avenue and asked him if they could check his car. “I let them inside my car and said you can search if you want. My bag is full of tools, I’m a plumber by profession.” he said.

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However, instead of taking the toolbox out, the policemen pulled out a sandwich box filled with coconut candies. “Bingo!” the officer said. The plumber was totally confused as he couldn’t make out what was happening. “I was like bingo? What do you want to play bingo?” plumber said.

The policeman suspected him for selling drugs and arrested him for no rhyme or reason. “They threw me in jail for eating candies. Why are they making such a big deal out of it. I’m really worried and distressed.”

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It is now likely that the plumber may file a lawsuit against the police officer for false arrest. “They called out a false bingo, so now its their turn to pay for their mistake” he said.

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