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Who doesn’t like being welcomed with a smile after a long exhausting day? I guess everyone does. However, it’s not just about ‘being welcome at home’, but it’s about ‘being welcome everywhere’. Imagine going to a restaurant for the first time, you enter the door and guard looks at you with a frowned face, you’ll not be impressed for sure. Instead you’ll prefer going to another restaurant next time, which is rather more welcoming.

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The same is the case with online bingo.

If you don’t get some welcome bonus at one site, you’ll immediately switch over to another site that offers a good no deposit bingo bonus. If you want to get some free bingo bonus bucks or earn some good cash online, come to VirtualBingo – your one stop destination for the hottest bingo offers and promotions around USA and UK bingo arena.

They give you bonus bingo bucks for free, so that you can play bingo and enjoy without any worries at all. However, if you really want to earn some hard cash in bingo, you got to play really, really smart!

Online bingo sites work exactly the same way like online casinos. On registration they credit your account with free bonus money, also called BBs, which you can use to play real money games. For instance, 123BingoOnline offers free $25 on sign up. Nowadays, there are myriad of sites offering free welcome or no deposit bingo bonus to try them out. That means you can get free bingo bonus from different bingo sites daily. Apparently, UK bingo sites are said to be more stringent with bonuses as compared to USA or Canadian bingo sites. Besides the sites offering one time free BBs, there are many totally free bingo sites too, also known as no deposit bingo sites, which gives you a fixed amount of free money to play everyday.

Playing free bingo games are no doubt fun, but if you really want to win some huge cash, this is certainly not the way to do it.

As they say, ‘there is no success without risk’, in the same fashion, ‘there is no real money without making a deposit’. So, if you’re ready to take reasonable chances, and you play for cash, you might win some really huge money, but remember you have as much chance of losing as winning.

For those who want to play bingo for real money without making a deposit, there’s still a way. To understand it better, let’s go back to pay to play sites and see how it works. Sites like BingoFlash and 123BingoOnline are offering the best bingo bonus in UK and USA. Once you register with any of these sites, you’ll receive your free bonus that may range from $16 to $ 25 or even up to $30 at certain sites.

Most people often waste their free bonus playing slots, video poker or other casino games. First of all, stop doing this! Such games will not win you money, instead it will win you BBs, which you cannot convert in cash. Thus, use your bonus in a most efficient manner. Instead of using your free BBs in side games, utilize it to play bingo, where there are more chances of winning real cash. Most sites will insist you to make some initial deposit before allowing you to make any withdrawals. Each site has its own minimum deposit amount starting from $20 or so. Since this will be your first deposit, you’ll also be entitled to receive a first deposit bonus that may range from 100% to up to 1000% at certain sites. Finding a good no deposit bingo site is not as easy as it may seem, but at the same time its not that hard either, given you have the patience.

However, if you’re born to take risks, pay to play bingo is the game for you!

Do you hail from UK, Canada or US? Are you looking for the best no deposit bingo site, try VirtualBingo. They feature all the latest and best bingo offers around the bingo world.

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