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Fast and the Furious Film Sequel

• Do you love SPEED? Yes/No
• Do you love CARS? Yes/No
• Do you love technology? Yes/No
• You cannot live without your cellular phones? Yes/No
• Have you ever fantasized in your dreams of a classy thug life? Yes/No
• Do you love Vin Diesel? Yes/No

If YES, is most of the answers of the above, you could be a self-confessed Fast and Furious movie fan and wouldn’t mind crack the film from the internet, buy a DVD or check out the F&F (Fast and Furious-6) at the cinema near you.

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) has single handedly turned the F&F series into a massive crowd puller and the move attracts people from all walks of life. Vin Deisel (Dominic) and his motley crew of professional thugs love speed, cars, girls and the perilous night life. If you are the night bird and live only for the high night life, the F&F series is a sure shot relief from the mundane everyday life.

Fast & Furious Infographics About the Fast and Furious series- It’s a sequel series of hard core action films and 2 short films. The first installment of the SIX- the Fast and Furious-1 was released over a decade ago (2001). The plot began as the central characters were involved in spurious activities such as illegal car racing, thefts, daring heists and strings of robberies in and around Tokyo, Japan. Since then the movie has revolved all the world and the leading men would have the highest adrenaline rush and would not mind doing the most dangerous stunts. Produced by the universal studio, the latest in the F&F sequel is the sixth and this one is supposedly THE BEST. The men are retired now and settled in their own reclusive lives, after the Rio (Fast and Furious-5) heist. What massively change in their lives is all what F&F-6 is all about.
Fast and Furious VirtualBingo
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