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Attraction of Online Bingo in UK

Bingo, Housie, Housey-Housey or Tambola – no matter what you call it, bingo remains an especially popular gambling game in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is so popular in the UK that it comes only second to the lottery. Commonly known as housie in UK, bingo is a game where people try to match randomly drawn numbers with the numbers on their ticket/s.

In UK, bingo was mostly played in the membership-based bingo halls, where players could win cash. Other institutions, however, were allowed to organize the games, but without the monetary rewards. When bingo soared in popularity, many old buildings in UK were converted into bingo halls to accommodate the growing player base. These bingo halls flourished well until the ban on smoking came into force. At that time, attendance began to drop and bingo halls were forced to shut down their operations.

As most bingo players smoke, they chose to play bingo online at home and smoke instead of going to a land based bingo hall. Many players tried out various UK bingo sites and found them quite entertaining. Online bingo had many advantages over land-based halls. First, there was no expense of time and fuel. Secondly, since online bingo sites were available around-the-clock players could play bingo whenever they wanted to. With a new bingo game starting every few minutes, one doesn’t need to wait too long for his/her turn.

Many players also found that there is more variety in online bingo games. Most, if not all, bingo sites offer both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games to players. A player can choose any room, depending on what version he/she wants to play. Besides, players can opt from a myriad of pattern games available, or enjoy the traditional coverall bingo game sessions. Online bingo games are mostly automated. Hence, there are many side games to keep players entertained during the game. While the software marks off numbers and calls a bingo, the players, in the meanwhile, can enjoy the camaraderie along with other side games. Many UK bingo sites offer exciting chat games and casino games such as slots, video poker etc., which can be played as side games.

Another feature that makes online bingo better than land based halls are its huge bonuses. There is a free welcome bonus, first deposit bonus and a match bonus for all subsequent deposits. Players can partake in progressive jackpots and other tourneys to win a variety of rewards. This not only adds excitement to the overall gaming experience, but is also a wonderful opportunity to win extra cash.

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