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Are You Addicted To Bingo?

All of you would sure have heard of drug addiction, but have you ever heard something like Bingo Addiction? I guess not! In fact, you must be wondering if it is really possible to develop an addiction for bingo. Well, yes bingo addiction is possible and it can happen to anyone who plays online bingo. A lot of people across the globe are under the spate of what is called problem gambling, compulsive gambling or ludomania. WikiPedia defines compulsive gambling as an urge to gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. It is a condition characterized by obsession with gambling, which a person develops over a period of time.

With online gambling industry booming like never before, addiction to gambling is also on the rise. Today, a significant amount of population is exposed to online gambling via computer and internet. As people no longer have to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to play their favorite casino of bingo games, they tend to gamble more frequently online and that too for longer periods of time, risking themselves to become a problem gambler.

Thanks to the convenience of anytime anywhere gaming, more and more people are attracted to online gambling. Be it anyone, old or young, man or woman, every one likes to play online games, especially bingo and casino. Many people start gambling online for fun, but when this fun combines with the opportunity to win money, it develops into an irrevocable addiction to gamble. There are lots of people who play bingo or casino games all day, or even all night in the anticipation that they might hit a jackpot someday. Such compulsive gamblers, if not allowed to play, might become anxious, stressed or even depressed. If you’re a problem gambler, you would be more interested in playing bingo than in interacting with people who are playing with you. Playing bingo in front of your desktop for hours becomes a part of your day to day life. Over time the addiction worsens so much that you start seeing bingo/ gambling as your only distraction from life’s troubles.

The irony of being a bingo addict is that you start feeling bored of playing bingo after a while, and eventually the act of playing itself begins to irritate and depress. Bingo addiction, like any other addiction, affects your social and personal life too. The increasing involvement in game, not only limits your interaction with your friends but your family members as well. Compulsive gambling is essentially an emotional problem that sometimes leads to serious financial consequences. Bingo websites often see bingo addicts spending hundreds to thousands of dollars everyday on bingo, after which they drown in self guilt of having no control over their own faculties.

Bingo Addiction Online Tips

Bingo is one of the oldest and most popular games all over the world. It is a game enjoyed by old and young alike, certified by the churches and other charitable institutions as a reliable and effective fundraiser, but the increasing dependency of people on online bingo has startled everyone.

However, a lot of institutions and councils are recognizing the need for helping those addicted to online gambling, and are stepping forward in every capacity to help them. But as they say God helps those who help themselves. Thus, if you’re really determined to get rid of your addiction, there is no one who can help you except yourself. If you really want to control your gambling addiction, just do it! Exert some self control and try to abstain yourself from indulging into fervent gambling.

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