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Types of Online Bingo cards

There are basically two types of bingo cards available depending upon the type of bingo being played. Bingo card with 5x5 grid is meant for 75 ball bingo, which is largely played in the US, and other with 9x3 grid is used to play UK style ‘housie’ or 90 ball bingo.

90 ball bingo cards, unlike US bingo cards, comprises of 27 squares arranged in 9 vertical columns and 3 horizontal rows. Each column has 3 random numbers that adds up to 15 random numbers ranging from 1 to 90, in all. The numbers in the first column range from 1-9, second column from 10-19, third column from 20-29 and so forth.

5x5  bingo card

Most traditional bingo cards are made of cardboard or paper and can be discarded after the game. However, with internet becoming a common thing, these traditional bingo cards are being fast replaced by computerized or virtual cards. These days, traditional bingo halls too are switching over to flimsies, a set of bingo cards printed on a very thin sheet of paper. Generally flimsies (also known as throwaways) are printed with three cards per sheet, but are also available in one card to nine cards per sheet formats.

Bingo is purely a game of chance which has got nothing to do with selection of cards. Luckily, if your card bears all the numbers required to complete the pattern, you win. Even though more cards improve your odds of winning, it doesn’t necessarily ensure your success.

Try not to play more than six bingo cards at a time or else you’ll end up confused with so many cards to manage.
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