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Nothing on earth could be more exhilarating than shouting ‘Bingo’ at top of your lungs, and those who play bingo regularly would sure agree with me. Bingo hall can be easily compared to a battle ground, where dauber is the only weapon that can help you score that elusive winning pattern.

Looking back into the history of Bingo, we find that bingo was largely played at country fairs. Bingo was first called ‘beano’ for players used beans to mark off numbers on their cards. Anyone who got a straight line first would yell ‘Beano’ and get a small gift. The game was named ‘bingo’ when once an excited player yelled ‘bingo’ instead of ‘beano’. That is how the present day bingo got its name!

bingo daubers

For a very long time, bingo was played in churches, often to raise funds and socialize. Over the years, the game caught on and became extremely popular. As people started playing bingo with several cards at once, bingo daubers were brought in use to facilitate quick and easy number marking.

Technically speaking, bingo daubers are ink-filled pens with big round sponge tip that players use to mark numbers on their card/s as they are called. Available in a spectrum of hues, bingo daubers when touched to the card, forms a fine circle that looks somewhat similar to a bingo chip. They are shaped to fit well in the hand, and ensure maximum comfort so that you can mark off numbers quicker and faster. A good bingo dauber allows you to manage several cards at a time. Most bingo daubers are refillable and could be permanent or temporary depending on what type of card you use.

As compared to bingo chips, bingo daubers are a much better marking tool. For a bingo player who may need to mark 15-20 cards in around 30 seconds time, daubing numbers with bingo chips can be very challenging. Sometimes they just blow away or displace, ruining your entire game. Marking off numbers with dauber is convenient and hassle free, especially when you’re playing bingo with multiple cards.

For many bingo players bingo daubers have become a collection item. Nowadays, you can choose a dauber from any imaginable shape or size. From festive themes like Santa Claus for Christmas, bunny for the Easter to other bizarre shapes for Halloween, bingo equipment suppliers are experimenting with almost everything. More common of the daubers include those shaped like Uncle Sam and Elvis among others.
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