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Of all the friendly species known to mankind, bingo players are perhaps the most affable ones. If you have any problem playing bingo, they will be more than happy to resolve it for you. Be in their good books and you’ll be happy forever. It’s best not to indulge any sort of misbehavior, especially if you’re new to a bingo hall. Below are some tips that will help you avoid treading on any toes as you walk through the bingo hall.

  • Hush up: You may not find it mentioned in any rule books, but you’ll observe that regular players quiet down as soon as the caller begins to call out numbers.

  • Not-so-lucky seats: Some bingo players are very particular about their seats. So, if you happen to grab a seat that belongs to someone else, you might be asked to vacate it. You’d be better off giving in to the request.

  • Stop repeating: Now this gets really irritating for those sitting next to you. Don’t repeat numbers as they are called as this might help you to concentrate, but for other players it can be very disturbing. Be sure to keep your volume low when the game is in progress.

  • Keep Kids in Control: Kids can be quite a menace at bingo halls if not controlled properly. Engage you kids in some activity while you play bingo. Some halls even offer fun bingo cards to keep the children occupied.

  • Never take out your frustrations on the caller. At times, those on the losing side can be seen expressing their annoyance by screaming ‘change the caller’ or making other sarcastic comments on the caller. Unless you have a genuine problem, there is no point blaming the caller. He is just doing his job.

  • Smoke in the designated areas only. For many players, smoking and bingo goes hand in hand. But at the same time, cigarette smoke can spoil the fun of the game.

  • Lastly, think before calling bingo. The moment you yell bingo the game stops. God forbid, if it’s a wrong bingo, the regular players might get mad at you, especially if they have already crumpled up their cards, thinking that you’ve won.

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