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Bingo FlashBoards - The Latest Trend!

We all know that bingo games need several equipments like daubers, chips, cards, bingo ball cage etc. to proceed. Without any of these equipments no bingo game can move further. One such essential bingo equipment, which we often tend to overlook, is the ‘Bingo Flashboard’. A bingo flashboard not only enhances the overall thrill of the game, but also provides many user-friendly ways of playing bingo.

However, before we go any further, let me quickly explain what a bingo flashboard is? Basically, bingo flashboards are digital devices with numbers from 1 to 75 arranged in 15 columns and 5 rows. Just like in a bingo card, the 5 rows in bingo flashboard are also labeled with the alphabets B, I, N, G and O and carry numbers in group of 15.

Number display is generally large so that even a player sitting in the last row of the bingo hall can spot the numbers right. Another advantage of bingo flashboard is that it helps you backtrack and review the numbers which you might have missed while chatting with the female next seat.

flash board

Bingo flashboards come equipped with a lot of utilities. While some of them have a built in timer, others come with an integrated auto ball counter. These features keep players up-to-date with the game results, statistics and other important tidbits, like the number of balls still left in the game and so on. Some more high-tech flashboards even allow players to draw the numbers through a certified Random Number Generator (RNG). Then there are bingo flashboards with a built-in automated voice caller device, wherein players can adjust the number calling speed to whatever level they desire. This is one reason why, nowadays, bingo flashboards are fast replacing the traditional bingo ball cages in casinos and bingo halls across the world.

Nowadays, flashboards are easily available at all bingo equipments stores both online and offline. Alternatively, you can download one at absolutely no cost from the internet. For a better view and real bingo hall feel, just connect your laptop/pc to the plasma screen or a projector and create a perfect bingo environment at home.

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