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Number calling is the most important part of any bingo game. The bingo number caller is the man who is in charge of calling bingo numbers. In online bingo, a bingo caller is replaced by a random number generator that automatically takes out numbers one after another. Whether you are playing bingo in a hall or online, make sure you keep your senses focused of the numbers being called. As caller announces the numbers really quick, you need to pay careful attention to the numbers, while dabbing them quickly and accurately on your bingo card. If you miss even one number, you ruin your chances of winning.

The job of the bingo caller is to keep on calling numbers until one or more player yells BINGO. Once a player shouts bingo, the game stops and the numbers are cross-checked to ensure whether he/she has won or not. In case there is a winner, the prize is given and the new game stars with fresh cards. If there is more than one winner, the prize is split among them all.

Also remember, every bingo number, whether you’re plying 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo, is designated a bingo call or name. While some names are very simple, others are more obscure and needs some extra understanding. If you want to learn this bingo lingo, feel free to visit our bingo-lingo section.

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