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There’s a surge of promotions and easy-to-win offers on online bingo sites, but there’s one that beats all others in popularity – the eagerly awaited raffle draws. A random survey of online offerings on bingo sites threw up some fantastic promotions that players could gun for.

There’s $500 to be won every Saturday at BingoKnights – the participation is open to all who have made a deposit of $50 or more. 123BingoOnline betters that with an offer of $1000 every Friday for depositors who put in a minimum of $75.

A visit to BingoFlash reveals two sets of raffle specials running on weekdays and weekends. The weekday raffle promises up to 250% bonus on any deposit above $50 between Monday and Thursday. The weekend raffle is giving away $200 to all depositors making a similar deposit between Friday and Sunday.

On similar lines is the Cash Give-a-way offer by SS Low Max Bingo. There’s $100 for a single player, $75 each for 2 players, and $50 for one more player, on select nights of the month of January. Players present in the chat room during the draw are eligible.

Other than the jackpots, there are sizeable wins to look out for, and reason enough to keep bingo-ing!

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