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Bingo Rules and Etiquette

It’s not uncommon to see people yelling bingo when they win! When somebody gets a bingo, they yell out ‘Bingo!’ loud enough to be heard by the caller. It is a customary way to declare that you’ve won the game. Once bingo is called, the caller immediately verifies the card by either calling out the winning numbers or, in modern bingo halls, by punching in card’s identification number into a computer, which automatically verifies the card or discards it. At some bingo halls, your card may be put on view for the rest of the day so that other players can scrutinize it.

Bingo Halls Etiquette
If there are multiple winners, the jackpot is split evenly among all. Clashes in bingo halls are although rare, but when it happens, the bingo manager’s decision is usually considered final.

As no two bingo halls operate alike, it is always better to read the posted rules carefully before sitting down to play. Also, make sure that you’ve obtained all the special leaflets or circulars mentioning any extra rules for the day.

Never ever, read NEVER EVER, try to alter the numbers on your bingo card. You may think it’s all right, but no experienced bingo manager will fall for it. To make matters worse, bingo halls would just enjoy every opportunity to embarrass you publicly, if you’re caught cheating. The tip: Just play by the rules and be honest!

Some other common Bingo Rules that you must abide by are as follows:

  • In most bingo halls, players aged 18 years or above are allowed to play.

  • While some bingo halls prohibit liquors, in others you may find them selling beer along with cold drinks. Outside eatables are often not allowed and most bingo halls would insist you to buy burgers and hotdogs available in-house.

  • Some bingo halls may also prohibit the entry and exit from the hall, particularly when the special high-stakes games are on.

  • You cannot reserve any specific cards for future games.

  • Usually, there are no spectators in bingo halls. Every seated individual is required to buy their own cards. When anyone gets a bingo, it’s his/her responsibility to stop the game by yelling bingo, before the next number is drawn. You must yell bingo loud enough to stop the caller. If the caller has already started to call the next number, there is no point calling bingo then. You must know that bingo is always claimed on the most recently called number. Similarly, once the caller concludes the session and starts the next game, no missed bingos are considered valid.

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