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It doesn’t really take rocket science to learn bingo. Anyone with an average mind and swift reflexes can master bingo in just a matter of minutes. Just like lotto, bingo has a ball dispenser containing balls numbered from 1 to 75. The caller, then calls out the numbers one by one and display them on the call board. Players will be allotted a few seconds to locate the number on their cards. Each card contains a fixed number of randomly selected digits. The cards are available in a set of three, six or nine cards.

During a session of bingo, several bingo variations are played. Besides the regular patterns, bingo halls nowadays are devising a variety of new patterns to add more excitement to the game. In standard bingo games, whoever fills his/her card with a straight line either horizontally, diagonally or vertically, wins the game. Other regular games also play ‘four corners’ – a variation of bingo where you have to mark all the four numbers at the corners To be precise, you mark the top and bottom numbers in the row ‘B’ and row ‘O’.

The other most common bingo variations are:

1. Blood, Sweat and Tears: Fill your bingo card with three bingos. The corners are not included.

any three lines

2. Six-Pack: Mark your cards to create a pattern consisting of six numbers, two rows of three each, either horizontal or vertical. In some games, you are allowed to use the free space.
six pack

3. Nine-Pack: Fill nine numbers to form a square.

nine pack

4. Eight-States: Fill all the numbers surrounding free space.
eight states

5. Postage Stamps: Common pattern where you have to fill two squares of four numbers, each located at the corner of the bingo card.
postage stamps

6. Dotted Picture Frame: Fill every alternate space along the edge of your bingo card.
picture frame

7. Coverall (AKA Blackout): One of the most popular patterns for the evening jackpots. Fill all the numbers on your card to win.
blackout bingo

8. Kite and Tail: Fill a corner of four numbers running through a diagonal line. The resultant pattern resembles a kite.

9. Top and bottom: On one bingo card, fill both the top and bottom row.

In 75 ball bingo, there are almost infinite bingo patterns which can be played. Each pattern is displayed at the top of your computer screen, and is explained by the caller before the game begins.
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