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Bingo Chat Games

Pick a partner for the weekend dancing specials on BingoFlash. Just Bingo to win your self and your partner in chat win Bingo Bucks.

On Friday’s it’s Flamenco – Partners share 6 Bingo Bucks.
Saturday’s lets Salsa - Partners share 8 Bingo Bucks.
Sunday’s we have Samba - Partners share 4 Bingo Bucks.


Online Bingo Specials

Bingo Tourney: Welcome the New Year in style with our extra Bingo celebrations this January. Top three lucky players will win BIG cash rewards.

$25 Guaranteed on Hi Pattern: Bingo on a HI pattern to win $25. Hurry!! Pre-Buy now to win up to $18,000.

$50 Guaranteed Pots: Try your luck twice a day and win $100! Play the $50 jackpots at the noon bash and the midnight gala, every day at 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. respectively.

A word of advice: These pots are very popular; Pre-Buy will guarantee you a chance at the game. All times shown here are in EST (USA East Coast) GMT + five hours / European time + six hours