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Bingo Flash Promotions June 2009 : Father's Day Special

Online Bingo Promotion

Flag Day Bingo Tourney

Only $50 Deposit in a month makes you eligible to play "Flag Day Bingo Tourney" which having great chance to win following Cash
  • 1st Place: 300 BBs
  • 2nd Place: 200 BBs
  • 3rd Place: 100 BBs
So Hurry now because you having this chance to win only bertween 3 to 28 June 2009 and the prizes are the based on Most Bingo Wins"

Tis the Star Spangled Banner! And $25 Guaranteed!

Chance to win $25 every hour with big cash prize $18,000 at the end of June month. So enjoy Bingo game in "US flag pattern" in Blue (Quarters) Room between June 1 to June 30!

* Bingo Flash promising randomly games each hour.

Thrice is Nice! - $150 Guaranteed Every Night!

Pre-Buys now to make sure for winning bee for $50 in the "Picnic pattern Bingo" Which will be played in Special Mixed Room. Daily three times 6 pm, 9 pm., and 12 am.

Dollar Showers - $100 Guaranteed Jackpots in the Blue (Quarters) Room
When the both hands of the Clock meets then Bingo players favourite "Noon Bash" and "Midnight Gala" give the chance to win Bingo Jackpot $100.
  • Noon Bash (12 pm): $100
  • Midnight Gala (12 am): $100

So make sure for Bingo Jackpot winning by Pre-Buys.

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