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Evergreen Classics – the Guaranteed Jackpots!

Be in CHOCOLATE ROOM an Sing to Can win $75 Every Hour

Make this music pattern on your Bingo ticket / card anytime, 24 times a day!!

Be in Highroller Room and make Jiggle Style to win $50 !

Las Vegas style bingo pattern make you to win $50 every hour between 6 PM to midnight .

Two Lines Bar!

During this January month, Make the Two Line Bars and get 10 BBs in Chocolate, High Roller and the Freedom of Speech !

Breakfast Club

Coffee and Crunchy Cookies shape on your card gives you $10 in Freedom of Speech everyday

Evening Dish...

When the day is done, it just takes two to set the tone for the evening with these $15 winning numbers!

Prizes When Where Game Times Card Price
$10 Every Day FREEDOM OF SPEECH 9 AM – 11 AM 5c and 10c
$25 Every Day FREEDOM OF SPEECH 5 PM – 7 PM 5c and 10c


Yell For Money !

If you want Big Money to win at BingoKnights just make a $100 deposit every week, using the week's code at Live Help. Besides standing to win $400, $500, $600 and $1,000 in the four weeks of January, you can get a BIG bonus of 100 BBs if you win the raffle for any two weeks!

Week No. Qualification Dates Prize Entry Code
Week 1 Mon 4th – Sun 10th $400 COUNTRY
Week 2 Mon 11th - Sun 17th $500 JAZZ
Week 3 Mon 18th - Sun 24th $600 ROCK
Week 4 Mon 25th - Sun 31st $1,000 POP

The Fab Four

   In HighRoller Room try to Collect Crazy F and the   Number 4 shape on your Bingo Cards as   maximum as possible on weekends , Friday to   Sunday! Each pattern will play individually, and   randomly, 6 times a day, and make 25 BBs

Go Hip Hop Crazy!

Every evening, the Highroller Room goes hip-hop crazy! You're invited too, to this $3,100 block party, where freestyling on crazy cartwheels or stepping in line to the crazy do-si-do are just the thing to do! We'll give you a pair of dancing shoes as well, and a take home of $25 guaranteed, ….and a surprise gift from the CM!

When Where Game Times Card Price
Every Day HIGHROLLER ROOM 8 PM to 12 AM $1

Happy New Year!

  Lets Cheer at midnight to say Happy New year during whole the    month in January in Chocolate Room and win Win a guaranteed    jackpot for $100 plus a 100% bonus on your next deposit!


When Where Game Times Card Price
Every Day CHOCOLATE ROOM 12:00 AM 25c

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