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This July, Bingo-Knights is all doused in the colour of patriotism! And, why not? After all it’s Independence Day!

The Shades-of-America... gets you 200 BBs!!

Simply bingo on the ‘America Special’ bingo patterns everyday in the Chocolate Room. Collect most points by the weekend, win 200 BBs. The patterns are:

US Flag            dollar bill                    corporal stripes                    baseball pattern

Bingo Starburst –
Straight lines will help you mount up BBs. Get one star for each line win and grab up to 120BBs.

Team Bingo (United we stand!)
You and your buddy get a chance to win 1000 BBs. Guaranteed jackpots to win all this month……
Money speaks…

dollar sign pattern
           And right now it’s saying $60 every hour. Just bingo on the           ‘Dollar’ sign!

dollar sign pattern
          What’s Independence Day without the fireworks? A bingo win           on the ‘firework’ pattern gets you $50 every hour. ‘Dollar’ sign!

Four means more - Take the 4-fold path to 50BBs. bingo on number ‘4’ pattern; get 10 BBs. What’s more? Collect at least four ‘4’ patterns in a day and inn 35BBs. Runners up get 15BBs. dollar sign pattern

Independence Day bingo Tourney - $600 + 1200 BBs up fore grabs, in the ‘Most Bingo Wins' and 'Most Bingo Wagers' categories.
Sunny mornings and Bright afternoons: Fast on-the-go guaranteed pots! Make your mornings happy and afternoons happier with GUARANTEED $5 and $10 pots.
Midnight magic – Partake in the midnight $100 coverall, where one lucky player will get 400% bonus on the next deposit!

Unbelievable cash reward awaits you at the casino specials!

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