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Bingo Pratice Event :
      MAN pattern bingo which can be make by just 7 numbers give up      $75 , exclusive Chocolate (Quarters) Room game , having chance      to win $75 , 24 times eveyday.So Pre-buys now!

Windfall at Waterfall:
      veryday between 6 pm. and 12 am. (midnight) Just Bingo on the      Waterfall pattern and win $100 for sure! Pre-buys Now

Just make 6 , win Big BB's:
    Win 10 BBs in the Chocolate (Quarters) Room by making just       number 6 and for magnanimous best creation of the six get 35       BB's.In a single day get maximum number of 6 for BBs 35 also               runner-up will get 15 BBs.


Summertime Bingo Tourney:
Between june 1 to 31 play bingo with Bingo-Knights for cash rewards and extras BBs.

Lucky players if find place in top 6 wiiner either they be Most Cards Purchased or Most Bingo Wins get following prizes .

* 1st Prize: $250 Cash + 150 BBs
* 2nd Prize: $150 Cash + 150 BBs
* 3rd Prize: $100 Cash + 100 BBs

Father's Day Breakfast Specials:
From 15 june to 30 June enjoy sumptuous breakfast from 7 am. to 11 am. at Bingo-Knights! Participate in our Father's Day Breakfast Specials in Chocolate (Quarters) Room and win up to 50 BBs.
To play all the roomies in chat playing bingo will pick a number from 1-75.

How you earn points

• If your number is out in the first 25 calls, you earn 15 points.
• If your number is out in the next 25 calls, you win 10 points.
• If your number is out in the last 25 calls, you win 5 points.
At the end of the session, player to win maximum points will be awarded with 50 BBs. Runners' up will win 20 BBs

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