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Playing bingo in UK is a part of culture for Brits. So much so, that Brits have created their own unique bingo lingo, popularly known as British bingo calls, to facilitate easy playing. Although most of these bingo calls are self explanatory, but where they are not we'll try to offer an explanation. Enlisted below are the bingo nicknames, from 1 to 90, which were used by British bingo callers when announcing numbers in traditional bingo halls. Today, these nicknames are no longer used, but still interests a lot of players, more out of curiosity than necessity.

In British bingo there is a nickname for every number. While some nicknames are easy to understand, others are more complicated. Some bingo nicknames are usually derived from the rhyming slangs, for example Tom's Tricks for 6, while others have references from history or describe the shape of the number. For example, Kelly's eye for 1 (named after the one eyed Australian mob Ned Kelly), and two little ducks for 22 (2 resembling the shape of a duck).

Given below are the nicknames or bingo calls for every bingo number from 1 to 90.

1 - Kelly’s Eye / At the Beginning (One eyed Australian gangster Ned Kelly)
2 - One Little Duck (the number 2 is a swan like shape)
3 - Cup of Tea
4 - Knock at the Door
5 - Man Alive
6 - Toms Trick’s
7 - Lucky Seven
8 - One Fat Lady
9 - Doctor’s Orders (Brought back from the army days… A pill known as Number 9 was a laxative given out by army doctors.)
10 - Tony’s Den (This bit of terminology changes depending on who the British Prime Minister is at the time. Number 10 Downing Street is the traditional residence of The British Prime Minister, and in the UK it is simply referred to as “Number 10” and so the association.)
11 - Legs Eleven
12 - One Dozen
13 - Unlucky for Some
14 - Valentines Day
15 - Young and Keen
16 - Sweet Sixteen
17 - Dancing Queen (From the ABBA Song, Dancing Queen. “You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen…”)
18 - Coming of Age
20 - One Score

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