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BlackJack Card Counting

Blackjack card counting is a simple mathematical tactic used to keep track of every card dealt from a deck to estimate which cards are still left in the deck and evaluating whether is deck is favorable or unfavorable towards the player.

Usually, it is not possible for an average human being to remember which cards were dealt in the previous rounds and what’s in store for the subsequent rounds. Card counting is a simple strategy that implements a score based measure. Thus, before you could successfully apply this strategy to you blackjack game, it is important for you to understand how it works.

To be a blackjack pro, all you have to do is keep track of every single card on the table and adjust your betting pattern depending on the remaining cards in the deck. If you think the deck is not favorable, you should wager small bets, otherwise, wager larger bets.

The majority of card counting system starts with a count of zero. It implies that in the very first round of blackjack, the count is zero. However, this count is not static and will change as more cards will be dealt, depending on what counting system you are using. To be adept at card counting, you must keep track of not only your cards, but the cards of other players including the dealer. Blackjack card counting gives players an extra edge on the house.

When playing blackjack online, always look for a positive count. This is because, if the card count is positive, you have more smaller cards on the table and the larger ones still in the deck. When the deck has more larger cards, it benefits players in a number of ways:

• Dealer will bust more often
• Player will be dealt more blackjacks
• Player will be dealt stronger and higher starting hands

When the card count is positive, this generally means player bets larger amounts of money. This is because you have the higher mathematical advantage at this time. Conversely, when the high count begins to fall, you can resort to placing smaller bets.

Although card counting is not illegal, but many casinos ban players from playing blackjack, if they suspect them counting the cards. In an attempt to fight back this practice many online casinos have devised several countermeasures such as increasing the number of decks, which made card counting practically impossible.

To conclude, card counting does not constitute cheating rather it involves skillful playing of the game, which comes from constant practice and firm concentration.

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