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Blackjack Terminology (A-D)

21/ Twenty-one : An alias for blackjack, which is also the desired total in blackjack.
5-6-7 Card Charlie: 5 or 6 or 7 cards adding up to 21 or less.
Action : A general term for gambling which refers to sum of money wagered in a specific session. Ten bets of $20 each is $200 of Action!.
Anchorman : Anchorman is the last person sitting to the dealer’s right. This position is dealt second last, the last being the dealer. This is the best place to sit, especially if you’re card counting.
Bankroll: The initial amount of money a player has when he sits at the blackjack table.
Basic Strategy: A playing strategy that acts in a way to minimize the house edge, by calculating your odds of winning according to your two face up cards and the dealer’s face up cards. The basic strategy is the very foundation of card counting, which used by many non counters too.
Black Chip: A $100 chip.
Blackjack: A hand totaling to 21 on your initial two cards. Usually, a blackjack includes an ace and a 10 value card i.e. 10, Jack, Queen or King.
Break/Broke: It happens when you take ‘hits’ (additional cards) that cause your total exceed 21. For instance, you hit and get a Q, when you already have a 7 and a 5 card, your total becomes 22 and you ‘bust’.
Burn card: A burn card is the first card of a newly shuffled deck that is immediately discarded, without being dealt. This card may or may not be shown face up to the players, which can effect your card counting. Misdealt or improperly exposed cards may also be burned.
Bust: when a hand's value goes above 21... a losing hand.
Cage: It is a nickname for the term Cashier’s cage. It is a place where chips are redeemed for money, checks are chased, credits are arranged etc.
Card counting: It is a strategy used by most skilled of the blackjack players, where they keep an accurate mental record of the played cards. This gives players an edge over the dealer, as they get a relatively good idea of which cards are dealt are which are still in the deck. Although card counting is not considered illegal, yet many casinos ban players from playing if caught.
Comp: It is the short form for complimentary. A lot of casinos offer free room or free food as comp to players who wager the most at their casinos. It is a trick to keep players playing at their casino.
Counter: A Blackjack player that uses card counting strategy.
Cut Card: A solid colored card, usually made of plastic, used to cut the deck after it has been shuffled.
Double Down: It means to double your initial bet after your first two cards are dealt, but you can hit one card only. You are advised to double down if you have a total of 9 to 11.
Double for Less: To double down for less than the bet made originally. Generally, when doubling is permitted, the player doesn’t literally have to double his bet, but may raise it by any amount less or equal to the original bet.
Draw: Adding a new card to the hand you’re playing, in an attempt to come as close as possible to 21, without exceeding. It is same as hit.
Drop Percentage: It refers to the portion of player’s bet that the casinos expects to win due to the house percentage. This amount is typically around 20%.

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