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Slot machines have been quite popular among gamblers for years now. Though, several new versions of slot machines came and left, but the 5 reel slots managed to survive, despite being initially not liked by slot lovers. In the 70s, when 5 reel slots made its debut, most people agreed that it wasn’t anywhere near as fun as the three reel variety mainly because the chance of winning was too slim. There were 5 reels and each reel had more than 50 symbols. This means for each spin there were more than 300 million different combinations. Thus, there was hardly a scope to win and it was quite obvious on part of slot players to feel frustrated.

Due to the declining popularity of 5 reel slot machines, a lot of casinos removed the majority of their five reel slot machines and replaced them with the three reel machines that were much friendlier to the slots player.

Nonetheless, things got better with time and as people became more slots savvy, the 5 reel slots gained popularity once again. This time, it not only gave players an opportunity to increase their winnings, it also gave them many different winning combinations to aim for. Since five line slot machines have multiple payout lines, it gives players a number of ways to win. Even though the payouts for every combination may vary, the very possibility of winning keeps players coming back to 5 reel slots. With five reel slots one can win in a variety of ways and that to in just in one spin! This means, players can take advantage of multiple payout lines at one time. Some casino websites offer as many as 21 payout lines, which mean they offer a much better chance of winning.

With advent of video slots, 5 reel slots became even more popular. Five-reel slots have no doubt gained popularity and for a good reason. Who doesn’t like to win and with multi line slots you have a better chance. If you haven’t tired 5 reel slots as of now, you should definitely give it a try at

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