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Many people have earned pots of money while playing poker online. At VirtualBingo, we aim to help players learn the basics of poker and win at it. However, before you consider playing poker online, take a moment to learn its rules and strategies. One problem, which is also a plus point, with learning poker is that it has a wide variety of games, each with different rules and strategies. Where on one hand it gives enormous choice to players with over dozens of variations, on the other hand it makes learning a bit confusing especially for the beginners.

In this article we will help you learn the basic type of poker. Although we don’t claim to make you a poker expert overnight, but this tutorial will definitely help you to start at least. In order to improve your poker skills, we suggest you to try free poker games at Cirrus Casino and then only go for real money poker games.

Learn To Play Poker

Like any other casino game, the basic objective of poker too is to win the pot. The pot is usually the sum total of all the bets placed by the players during a hand of poker. There are two basic ways to win in poker, either you:

1. Have the best / highest ranking hand, or
2. You bluff other players into folding by convincing them you have the highest ranking hand. It is this strategy that made poker an instant hit worldwide.

All casino games are governed by a set of rules and regulations and poker is no exception. In order to win at poker, a player must know about each and every aspect of the game. Be it the basics of hand rankings (from best to worst) or analyzing the odds, as a player you must know it all. Remember, the lower the chance of getting the hand, the higher the rank and the stronger the hand, the better the odds to win the pot.

At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals out cards in a clockwise direction starting with the player to his/her left. After the cards are dealt, each player has four choices to make i.e. to check, bet, raise, or fold. To check means a player may bet nothing but still remain in the hand. A player can only check if he/she is to bet first in that round and none of the opponents have made any bets. There are usually three rounds of betting in poker. Thus, once a player has placed his or her bet, others can only call, raise or fold. To call means to place a wager that’s equal to what the previous player has placed. This is important to stay in the game and continue playing. You can also choose to raise the bet, if you feel you have a strong hand. To raise means to increase the amount of the last placed bet. And last but not the least; you can always fold your cards. Do this only when you feel you don’t have a good hand.

As in all casino games, there is a betting structure to follow in poker. To understand it better, let’s assume, you’re playing at a $5/$10 poker table. This means that you can increase your bet by $5 every time until a player shows a pair or all the players have had a chance to wager at least once or twice, depending on which casino you’re playing at. It’s only after this point betting increments can be raised to $10.

In Poker, all the players compete against each other. This is much unlike blackjack, where players play against the casino itself. Casinos make their money by charging a fixed percentage of the pot for each hand played. There is usually a set limit as to the maximum amount of rake a casino will take, depending on site to site and the betting increments. The standard rate is around 5%.

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