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It was not in the too distant past, when one has to drive all the way to a downtown casino to play his favorite slot machine. Casino slots have always been one of the major attractions at casinos, generally because of its higher payout rates and the ease of solely pulling a lever in the hopes of getting richer.

Most casinos back then offered a wide array of slots games for players to choose from. But of course, not every town had slot machines, and thus, the regular players were forced to spend several hours driving to get to their favorite casinos in the city center.

When online casinos arrived in 1990s, majority of people find them more convenient and accessible as compared to traditional casinos. Online casinos came as a major relief for players who had no or limited access to brick and mortar casinos. When casinos introduced online slots, it became an instant hit among gamblers. With the advent of online slots, life became much easier for slot machine lovers. Now players could play slots in the convenience of their own home and the payouts were also so much better.

Today, online slots have become the mainstay of virtual gambling industry. The introduction of online slots has revolutionized the casino gambling in a number of ways. To start with, it saves players a lot of time and money. Not having to leave their home and drive for hours to reach the casino meant they don’t have to spend money on gas or food. Secondly, online slots offer a myriad selection of slot machines to play. This means, players can now enjoy many more slots variations and better their skills over a wider range of slot machines. Plus, there is no restraint of time or place. You can play online slots anytime, anywhere; all you need is a computer with internet connection.

All online slot machines are similar to video slots, which works on a computer chip known as Random Number Generator to form a combination of symbols. What you need to win in slots is some luck and the basic understanding of the game. Every slot machine has its own unique payout structure that tells you which combination pay out how much money. The payout schedule is displayed on front of the machine. This gives slot players the freedom to select their own payout structure and wager the way they want.

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