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Texas Hold'em Poker

If you love to play poker, you’ll surely love Texas Hold’em. Also known as Cadillac of poker, Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular variation of online poker. Not only it is easy to play, it also makes a wonderful pastime for people all over the world. In comparison to other complex variations of poker like Omaha High or 7 card stud, which calls for a great deal of skill and practice, Texas Hold’em poker can be learned by anyone and that too in a matter of minutes.

What that makes Texas Hold’em poker all the more fun is the opportunity to bluff. With some really easy mathematical calculations and a few rightly placed strategies one could win a fortune on the poker table.

How to play Texas Hold’em poker?

Texas Hold’em poker is the game of cards that offers and exciting combination of fun and thrill. As with any other poker variant, Texas Hold’em poker also requires a certain amount of skill. However, it is not as complex and with a few hours practice you can be playing the game fairly well.

Usually, a game of Texas Hold’em poker starts with posting the blinds. The two players sitting to the left of the ‘dealer button’ place predetermined bets before the cards are dealt. Then the dealer shuffles the deck (a standard deck of 52 playing cards) and deals each player two cards face down, also called hole or pocket cards. Players must make sure that no one sees your cards, except you.

A round of betting then takes place, starting with the player sitting to the left of the two players who posted blinds. This round is usually referred as Pre-Flop.

The amount of money that you bet will depend on the type of game you are playing. Just like in any other poker game, a player can call, raise or fold. After the pre-flop round ends, the dealer discards the top card of the deck. This is also known as burn card.

In the next round, the dealer flips another three cards on the table face up. These cards are termed Flop, or community cards, which can be used by any player to form their poker hand.

The next round of betting starts with the player to the immediate left of the dealer. All the players are allowed to check from this stage onwards. Once the Flop round ends, the dealer burn one more card and flips a new card on the table. This card is referred to as Turn card or ‘Fourth Street'.

Now the third round of betting will take place.

The dealer flips the fifth community card on the table known as River. Each player can now use any of the five cards on the table or the two cards in their pocket to form a five card poker hand. After this the fourth and final round of betting happens, beginning with the player to the left of the dealer.

All the players, who have not folded their cards earlier, will reveal their hands, beginning with the player to the left of the last player to call. This round is called the Showdown. The player with the best hand wins the pot. In an event, where community cards form the best hand the remaining players will split the pot.

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