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Three Reel Slot Machine

The origin of classic three-slot machine dates back to the late nineteenth century, when a German migrant Charles Fey invented a simple three cylinder crude type machine, which would spin on pulling a lever fitted on to it’s side. Some of the main versions of slot machines, other than 3 reel slot, include video slot games, fruit machines, and progressive slots. The contemporary online three reel slots are nothing but the modernized version of earliest slot machine.

3 reel slots are perfect for first time slot players, because of its simple and easy format. All you have to do is, pull the lever and wait for the drums to stop. If all the three drums stop at the same characters, you will win. The first slot machines had the highest payout on three liberty bells. In those days, three liberty bells paid out only 10 nickels.

In the beginning, slots didn’t pay out much and were mostly played for fun. However, gradually as more people started taking interest in 3 reel slots, bigger real money payouts took over. This new version of slots paid out better prizes. Later on, the jackpots were also attached to them. From there on the betting style also changed. Minimum and maximum betting limits were set for every game, which made the entire slot gaming experience evermore enticing. It was always better to play maximum bets because if you didn’t, and you managed to get three liberty bells, you would not win the jackpot prize, though you were still eligible to win some decent cash prize.

In order to add more thrill to the traditional slots, both land based and casinos are introducing new and interesting graphics to the three reel slots. Today, you could find every imaginable graphic on a three reel slot machine. From movie stars to fruit patterns, or a bonus symbol, that also acts as wild card.

Nowadays, you can also find five-reel, seven-reel and even 25 reel slot machine in online casinos. No matter what type of machine you play on, they are all equally entertaining and exciting. Remember, while playing slots online the most important thing is to have fun and quit when you feel exhausted.

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