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Some Common Bingo Blunders

Playing online bingo is as easy as playing bingo in a real bingo hall, however, with better chances of winning the jackpot. No matter whether you’re playing bingo online or offline, the rules and basic strategies remain pretty much the same.

Listed below are some of the most common bingo blunders even most seasoned of the players may commit:

  • Imagine you are sitting in a bingo hall. You just need one number to win. You dabber all set to pounce and in the next call your number is out. You WON the game! “I won, I won”…you scream in joy only to be hushed instantaneously by scornful looks from those sitting around. And, in a second, you realize that you’ve committed your first bingo blooper and without wasting anymore time you meekly say ‘Biiiing…o’. So, here goes our golden Rule No. 1 of Bingo - ‘Shout ‘BINGO’ on completing the pattern’. Once you’ve called bingo, your card will be checked to verify if you’ve indeed won. In the event, where more than one person calls bingo on the same number, the prize money will be shared equally among all.

  • Now visualize another situation! You look at your card and see that you need just one number to win, and suppose that the number is 1. The bingo caller calls the next number – 7. Without wasting a single second, your pen spurs into action and you change 1 into 7 and there you go yelling ‘BINGO’, completely oblivious of what will happen to you next? I tell you what…You’ll be kicked out of the hall the very next moment. So the golden Rule no. 2 is ‘Don’t tamper numbers on the bingo card’. No matter how artistic you are, just don’t dare do that. Any experienced bingo manager would spot this even while standing 20 meters away from you. The last thing one would want is to be posited as an example of cheating and fraudulence in front of others.

  • Every bingo hall has different rules. So, if you’re new to a particular bingo hall, take time to orient yourself with the rules first. Don’t assume that what is allowed at one bingo hall will be acceptable at all of them. Rule No. 3 – 'Check out the rules of each bingo hall before sitting down to play'.

  • After endless minutes of anticipation and anxiety your number is up and FINALLY you’ve won. ‘Bingo!’ you say, but unfortunately not loud enough to be heard by the caller. The caller, on not hearing any response, moves on to call the next number…20 ‘Bingo’ an old fat lady yells at top of her lungs. For caller, she is the winner, no matter even if you called bingo first. Thus, golden Rule No. 4 says - 'Call ‘bingo’ loud enough to be heard'. If you don’t shout bingo loudly enough and the caller calls out the next number, you lose the game.

  • As you know, bingo is all about socializing and meeting new people. So, when in the hall, you’re likely to share a word or two with your fellow players. But make sure you do this between breaks and not when the game is in progress. Remember, Golden Rule No. 5 - 'Stop chatting once the game begins'. Doing this will not only increase yours but others’ chances of missing a number too.

  • It was another fine day. You arrive early to a local bingo hall and congratulate yourself on finding a perfect seat. While you were still wondering at your fortuity, someone taps your shoulder from behind and says ‘Hey! That’s my seat’. All fall silent; your joy evaporates in the air. Most bingo halls have usual seats for regulars. So, if you’ve mistakenly occupied any of those, you might be asked to move. So, the Golden Rule No. 6 – 'Look out for lucky seats'. You would be well advised to vacate the seat, if you don’t intend to end up fighting with anyone.

  • Although every bingo hall has its own set of rules, the basic etiquettes remain more or less the same. The rule of thumb that applies here is – use your common sense. However, nowadays no one really goes to a bingo hall. In fact, they prefer playing online bingo at home. Sites such as BingoFlash and 123BingoOnline offer an unparalleled gaming experience, so that you’ll never have to leave your home to enjoy the real thrill of bingo.
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