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GSN's Bingo America - Bingo Now On Your TV

Bingo is a fever that’s fast catching on in America. A simple game which started as pastime soon grew to become a rage that took not only America but the entire world by storm. No wonder, why online bingo websites, casinos and even celebrities are cashing on the ever-increasing popularity of bingo. And the latest to join this bandwagon is the small screen, better known as TV!

GSN Bingo America

That’s right! Bingo has got a new home – a TV show on GSN, where viewers can win a minimum $50 on every validated bingo. A reality bingo game show on GSN TV, Bingo America combines a traditional game of bingo with a trivia quiz. Thus, it fascinates both bingo lovers and trivia lovers. What makes it more appealing to viewers at home is that they can also take part. Just download up to 10 sets of Bingo America’s free printable bingo cards from GSN’s website and tune in to the show every weeknight. Play along with the contestants on TV, while sitting at your home and win at least $50 on every bingo.

With $100,000 jackpot up for grabs, GSN’s newest game show has become household name in America. For every episode, each player gets as many as 60 chances to win.

Besides entertainment, the show also appeals viewers to donate money for the Shriner’s children hospital.

Should you need help, you can also take advantage of the ‘Bingo America Help and Troubleshooting Guide’ available on the site for free. Also play American Bingo with free sign-up Bonus now here.

GSN American Bingo
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