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Learn How to Play 75 Ball Bingo Games

The fast paced 75 Ball Bingo is the American version of the traditional 90 Ball Bingo game. While the rules for playing the two forms of bingo essentially remain the same, it is the number of numbers on each bingo card or ticket that sets them apart.

A 75 Ball Bingo game has bingo cards pre-printed with 24 numbers on a 5x5 grid. The numbers are grouped in sets of 15 and the center-cell of the grid is left blank. Each of the columns is headed by the letters that spell BINGO. The numbers 1–15 fall in the ‘B’ column, 16-30 in the ‘I’ column, 31 to 45 in the ‘N’ column, 46 -60 in the ‘G’ column, and 61-75 in the ‘O’ column.

A pattern on the grid is determined before the start of the game. As the numbers are called, players daub them on their tickets. The winner is the one who completes the pattern first.

The choice of patterns on the 75 Ball Bingo lend excitement to the game. Online bingo operators use a combination of alphabets, numbers or seasonal themes to bring variety into the game. The patterns are faster to complete than the long-drawn 90 ball game.

The Coverall or ‘blackout’ pattern requires all 24 numbers on the grid to be daubed. Players have a higher jackpot to look forward to in this game, subject to the pre-conditions set by bingo operators. Playing bingo online is a mechanical process, whereby the cards you purchase get daubed automatically as the numbers get called. Players can purchase and mark several cards at a time, increasing their chances of winning in a round. The changing colors on your cards maintain the countdown so that you’re well prepared to shout ‘bingo’!

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