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Math Bingo - Make Mathematics Fun!

If you’re one of the parents who often hear their children saying – ‘Math is boring’, ‘I will study math later’, ‘I don’t understand math’ and so on…don’t worry, because now you have a fun way to teach your children the oh-so-boring math. Try math bingo!

Math Bingo is a fun and easy way to make your children understand the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, which otherwise is a tedious task for most children. There are many different ways to integrate bingo with math classes. One of the best things about bingo is that it can adapt itself to a variety of subjects and classroom situations, math bingo of course being one of it.
math bingo
While you can organize math bingo in a variety of ways, the format of cards remain more or less the same. Usually, the cards are printed with simple arithmetic problems. To play, first distribute the cards among the class and then call out the problems randomly. Ask students to find out the problems on their card and on finding one, fill it with the correct answer. Whoever gets a line of 5 answers first, yells ‘Bingo’. The teacher would then verify the card to see if all the answers are correct. If yes – he/she is the winner. However, on the other hand, if any of the answer is incorrect, you can continue playing bingo until a winner is found.

No doubt, math bingo is a great classroom activity but the success of the game largely depends on your preparation. Making cards by hand could be one option, but it of course is a cumbersome task. Alternatively, you can simply print free math bingo cards available on many online bingo sites.

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