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Bingo is an easy game that requires numbered balls and bingo cards to play. Mainly there are two types of bingo games – 75 ball bingo in US and 90 ball bingo in UK and Australia. In both the variations numbers are randomly drawn out from an automated number generator. The aim of the game is to achieve the winning pattern first and yell bingo. Bingo has been around since 14th century AD and is still a compelling choice for people seeking quality entertainment time. With over dozens of variations, bingo offers unparalleled excitement and enjoyment along with an opportunity to interact with people.

Playing online bingo is not an easy feat for first time players. It’s not that the game is tough, in fact, it’s unbelievably easy, but what that makes it difficult is finding a perfect site to play, where players can have fun without investing much. It can be quite a challenging task for the new players to get such a site. In recent years, bingo rooms have mushroomed all over the web. As the competition for players is getting fierce, a lot of sites are coming up with something new almost everyday. With myriad of bingo offers floating around, players often face hard time finding a desirable offer. This is where online bingo review sites come into the picture. However, before you do that, you got to make it clear what exactly you want to do – you want to play bingo for money or for fun?

When it comes to variations, nothing can beat online bingo. The gaming options available on internet bingo websites are so diverse, that everyone finds something that suits his or her taste. Aside from this, the best part of online bingo is that you don’t have to be a paying member for playing. Now you can play online bingo just for fun and entertainment reasons. Many online bingo clubs also offer free to play bingo alongside pay to play bingo, in order to help players learn the ropes of game. This means, everyone can play online bingo and use all the facilities without really investing any money of their own.

Free bingo games are played exactly the same way as money bingo, except that you can play it for free and there are no real money prizes. Only prizes that are awarded to free bingo players are points or free money. Other than this everything else remains the same. Just like paid members, free members can also access chat rooms or participate in forums and community pages. All you have to do is choose the Free Play option while registering yourself and there you go enjoying bingo for free.

One of the best sites offering free bingo games nowadays is This site features a list of sites offering free bingo. You can register with any of these sites and join in all the fun and excitement of free bingo games. On winning you’ll receive bonus points also referred as BBs, which can be used to enter various tourneys or can be redeemed against certain prizes, including cash prizes too. Each bingo website has it own terms and conditions pertaining to free play bingo. Not all bingo sites who offer free bingo games would allow you to convert your points free of charge. Some sites may allow you to redeem your free money against prizes, while others may require you to make a deposit before doing that. Thus, always make an effort to familiarize yourself with such details before signing up with any online bingo club.

At VirtualBingo, you can read our reviews and keep yourself updated with the latest promotions and offers going around in bingo world. When you play online bingo to socialize, it doesn’t really matter whether you play for free or play for money, the overall experience is more or less the same. However, if you’re playing bingo for money, the excitement quotient definitely increase since there are real cash prizes involved. The added element of risk and amount of jackpots gives an altogether different feel to the game. As the risk factor increases, so does the rewards and thrill of the game. But at the same time keep in mind that pay-to-play bingo also have the chances of bigger loss. Playing bingo has your own hard earned money attached to it, which is why it makes the adrenaline rush through your body as you stand at an equal risk of losing and winning. This is much unlike free bingo, where you would lose nothing but points.

Remember that money bingo is a gambling of sorts, so you should be prepared to face the consequences as well. A lot of online bingo clubs offer excellent deposit bonuses to its patrons, while there are sites that reward its regular customers under a loyalty program. Always set yourself a limit when you’re playing pay to play bingo. This will not only help you keep track on your wagers, but will also restrain your losses. One trait that is common with both free play and money bingo is that you can access the chat rooms and partake in chat game promotions.

If you’re new to bingo, free bingo is the best way to familiarize yourself with the several game versions before you venture in your own cash. Sites like virtual bingo will provide you with best reviews and current information about online bingo. Not only do they inform you about the best welcome bingo bonuses available with different sites, they also offer you bingo bonus codes and coupons to claim an additional bonus.

With so many bingo sites operating on the web, people have many different bingo game options to choose from. However, the choice of game depends on your individual tastes and preferences, but there are lots of other factors too that you must consider before deciding on a site to play like the gaming software, ticket prices, welcome bonus, deposit bonus and other sundry advantages. For this, you can take help of various online review sites. However, no matter whether you’re playing free bingo or for cash, just remember to enjoy yourself!

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