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Obama – Mandela in a Bingo Face-off

The president of the United States, Barack Obama’s step mother Kezia Obama has recently announced her plans to play bingo with Nelson Mandela on her visit to SA in an effort to raise money for charity.

Kezia Obama has long been associated with bingo and now wants to use her celebrity status to raise money for operation hunger, which fights malnutrition in South Africa. The Bracknell resident and the first wife of President Barack Obama’s Father, Barack Obama Sr. is known for playing bingo regularly at a bingo club near her place.
obama bingo

“I love Mandela” she was quoted as saying. She said she loves Mandela for his friendly nature and willingness to help the needy.

She is expected to meet Mr. Nelson Mandela next week and has instructed her aides to set up a small bingo game with the erstwhile South African President.

Obama will play bingo throughout her visit and has announced to donate all the proceeds generated from her bingo games to operation hunger.

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